Leopold Conservation Awards

KAC joins with Sand County Foundation to become the ninth state participating in the Leopold Conservation Awards. See our winners...

The Kentucky Agricultural Council

The KAC is an umbrella group representing all sectors of Kentucky Agriculture. Its 70+ members include non-profit organizations, trade associations, commodity groups, state and federal agencies, and institutions of higher education — all interested in the advancement and development of Kentucky agriculture. KAC works to:

Plan programs for its members and disseminate information that creates an understanding and appreciation of Kentucky agriculture.
Serve as liaison between private and public agricultural organizations, the Commissioner of Agriculture, the Governor, and the legislature in order to develop and effectively utilize our agricultural resources to the fullest extent.

Since 2006 Kentucky's governors have asked the KAC to assume a leadership role in planning to help increase net farm income and to improve the quality of life in rural Kentucky, resulting in the publication of A Pathway for Kentucky's Agriculture and its Rural Communities: 2007 to 2012 Strategic Plan. Today the KAC fulfills an ongoing role as the "steward" of strategic planning for Kentucky Agriculture and its rural communities.

KAC holds quarterly meetings (open to the public) to update members on topics of broad interest as well as to focus on the ongoing progress of the strategic plan.

Kentucky Agricultural Council is a proud sponsor of the Leopold Conservation Award

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